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Congratulations! You've found where I will be putting my computing info. There's not much up yet, but more will appear eventually.



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This whole site was originally conceived as a way to help me learn about web programming. I figured that it was high-time I learned about html and css and JavaScript and things, especially since my friends had already been playing with websites in the nineties. But, once I realized that basic html and css is pretty straightforward, and seeing that manipulating a website becomes pretty intuitive when augmenting JavaScript with something like jQuery, I decided I had to do something at least a little more complex. (That was an emphasis on the 'little', in case it wasn't clear.) And what could be simpler than Snake?

This version of Snake came from my memory. It was one of the first computer games I ever played, after all. (Breakout was another. Incidentally, the version I link to has a date of 1992 on it, but it looks a lot like the 1985 version I remember.). It was on an old Acorn Atom and I remember it being so old-fashioned that it only had greys and browns for colours. I remember it being smooth and fun, with random numbers popping up everywhere, and my mom said she saw a snake so big once it filled the whole screen. (Be warned, as of yet, if you fill the screen in my version, there is no congratulatory screen; you merely die). This was so much fun that I altered the code to Nibbles on my old Windows machine (in QBasic) so that I could play a version all on one screen (at a ridiculous speed too, if I recall correctly). Anyway, this was one of the first games I ever tried to recreate; and somehow, the thirteen-year-old version of me failed to complete it. Twenty-years later, I finally succeed.

(By the way, when doing a little research for this old game, I came across a few screenshots of the Acorn Atom Version I was remembering. As you can see, it certainly is in colour, although I don't know why there are two different colour-schemes: my dad remembers the yellow and black one. He also pointed out that the reason I remember the game all in greys and browns is that we had the old machine hooked up to an even older little black and white tv when I was a kid. Oh well.
Also, note that the "original" lets you choose your speed. I've added that feature too, but in a slightly different way (By the way, you sometimes die if you try to adjust your speed while not paused. Although unintended, I'm not entirely convinced that's a bug.)

This is a slightly-updated version of my Snake game. If you're not quick enough, the food will go away. It is pretty much the same otherwise, except that I removed the animations because I never play it that slowly, as it turns out. If you want to play the old version, go here..

Direction: arrow keys
Pause/Play: space
Reset: Esc
Speed: =/+, -/_, S